John Trefry is an architect and the author of the books Plats, Thy Decay Thou Seest By Thy Desire, and Apparitions of the Living. His current work-in-progress is called Massive. More diminutive writings have appeared in various other outlets. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and on Twitter @trefryesque.

Excerpts from longer works
Apparitions of the Living
2016, Natural Burial for a Youth Abducted by the Immortal Alain Robbe-Grillet, on The Fanzine
2016, Mummy, in Vestiges_02 Ennui
2016, The Asterism of Rabies, in Plinth VI
2016, Ritual of Marne, on Entropy
2017, Connie, on Swimmer's Club
2017, Dash Cams, originally published on Fluland.
2017, The Transport, a privately released pamphlet (limited to 20 copies). Enjoy audio readings here.
2017, The Mortal Injuries of the Saints, originally published on Faded Out.
2017, Superdepths, on the Occulum.
2017, Entrails of a Virgil, originally on Faded Out.
2017, Massive, Kansas, a photo-essay on Minor Lits.
2018, Soil for Flowering Cities, on Always Crashing.
2018, The Hospital, a story.
2018, The Joyous Boredom of the Cathedral, on the Occulum.
2018, Smithsonian Destruction Vigil, on Burning House Press.
2018, Three 15-second increments of The Dante Quartet, a study.
2018, Meadow Mapping, a collaboration with Mike Kleine on Minor Lits.
2018, Eating Nadia's Pig, on Writing the Rapids podcast.
2018, Marina, on the Island Review.

Freestanding text works
2000, A Furnished Room, a facsimile of From the Ground #7.
2001, A Book of Days, published as From the Ground #8
2006, Chase Scenes, a privately released chapbook (limited to 5 copies)
2014, Plats, (read an excerpt from the novel) Published by Inside the Castle [w]
2015, Their Days are Numbered XXI, on Entropy Mag
2016, Thy Decay..., Published by Inside the Castle (out of print/available only as an ebook) [w]
2016, I INCIPIT Prologue PROLOGUE, originally on VERStype
2017, The Theory of Omission, a poem.
2018, Redoubt, a travelogue on Burning House Press.

Selected Literary Criticism
2014, A Conversation with John Trefry, by Joe Milazzo on Entropy Mag
2015, Call Numbers: A Caprice After Butor's Mobile, Published in The Syllabus from Verbivoracious [w]
2015, Language in Place of the Body, Reading M Kitchell's Apart From on Entropy Mag
2015, Reading Julie Carr's Think Tank, on Entropy Mag
2016, The Patterns to Which We Submit, Reading Jason Snyder's Family Album on Minor Lits
2016, A Text After Nocilla Dream, Reading Agustín Fernández Mallo's Nocilla Dream on Entropy Mag
2016, The Project of Ruin Value, After Roubaud's project, Published in The VP Annual 2016 [w]
2016, So as the Better to Destroy Him, Reading Noll's Quiet Creature on the Corner on Minor Lits
2016, Reading Scott Esposito's The Surrender, on Full Stop
2016, Reading Jane Lee's The Sky Isn't Blue, on Full Stop
2016, An Interview with Joe Milazzo, on Full Stop
2016, Reading two novels by Roger Lewinter, on Full Stop
2016, The Scrim and Fog of Translation, on The Quarterly Conversation
2016, Tropism in Banana Trees, Reading Ndiaye's Self-Portrait in Green on Minor Lits
2017, Investigating the Brilliance of the Late João Gilberto Noll, a Roundtable Conversation on Lit Hub
2017, Reading Annihilation Songs by Jason DeBoer, on Full Stop
2017, A Text After Agustín Fernández Mallo's Nocilla Experience, on Entropy Mag
2017, Reading Heavens on Earth by Carmen Boullosa, on Full Stop
2017, Blind Men Looting a Bazaar..., Reading Noll's Atlantic Hotel on Minor Lits
2017, ...Or, On the Novel, A Conversation with Agustín Fernández Mallo on 3:am
2018, How Wonderfully..., An essay about Christopher Norris's Hunchback '88 on 3:am

Architectural Writings
2001, Places at a Distance
2006, The Completist, Published in Fresh Air [w]
2013, The Silenced Voices of Architectural Discourse, Published in Enquiry
2016, Windows Without Buildings: The Drawings of Perry Kulper, [Part 1], [Part 2], on Minor Lits

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