—Abbo Abbo Abdas throwing him from a rocky precipice, decapitation, murderousness, stabbing and bleeding out, sawing the living body, laceration with shards of pottery—
—weaving his arms and legs through the spokes of a wheel atop an upright pole, lashing one foot to one hand and hanging from this bondage, in lieu of slayage by wild animals «apparators» are resorting to a more straightforward execution, burying up to the neck, Ulric Ulrich Ulricke Ultan Urba Urban decapitation, Agia Agia Agilbert Agilus Agnello Agnes suspension by one foot, hanging by one arm with ponderous round stones—orbicularia—swinging from her feet, immolation, tying to a stake and transfixion with arrows, in the devourment of hogs, suspension by both feet with a great stone hanging from the neck, executioner’s choice with the divers configurations of the wooden horse, crushing him with stones, destroying the place wherefrom words are coming with the sharp cutting of iron claws to the lips, scourging with prickly thorny knotty rods—nominally «scorpions»—, throwing him into a well, decapitation, decapitation, mangling with currycombs, binding his arms to a capstan and his legs to a great pulley is rotating with the force of four men ripping him in half, decapitation, scourging and decapitation, succumbing to the agony of torturing, decapitation, Ine Inez Inigo Innocent Innocent Innocent, slashing his throat, dousing in quicklime, ripping him in half with a catapult, sewing him nude into a raw oxhide, rotating the man on a wheel shredding him over a stationary bed of spikes, hanging with a woodblock in his mouth and armpits full of saltlumps—
—the nibbling of rats, drowning in molten fat, on a stake and smiling in the flames, strangulation against a stake and immolation of the upright corpse, decapitation, the division of his limbs around a great wheel is pouring forth blood upon a brazier of coals snuffing it out, sewing him into a bag with a dog and a cock and a viper and an baboon and throwing him into a river, pushing them out to sea in a ship full of flaming combustibles, stoning, quiet and sweet sleeping in the fire, incarceration with hungry dogs, drawing together the divergent branches of two adjacent trees and tying each foot to a branch such that releasing the branches is tearing his body in two, Edmigio Edmund Edmund Edmund Edmund Efflam impaling on a stake, Era Erasmus Erastus Eraus Erkemboden racking and stretching with pulleys in a wooden horse—
—immolation at the stake holding a bladder of gunpowder where one of his arms is falling off and blood and fat and water are dripping from the tips of his fingers, castration and drowning in hot oil, burning and drowning nude in molten lead, festive eating of the living body in leg and arm manacles in a theatrical tartar preparation, lashing, hanging by the thumbs, Isaac Isaac Isaac Isidore Isarnus Isaurus mercykilling of the figure in the fire by halberd to the skull such that the brain is falling out, pounding the hanging man’s head with a hammer, cladding in a redhot iron tunic and shoes—
—dismemberment and frying in a large pan, cutting open his belly and filling it with oats for the devourment of horses—
—binding him to the circumference of a great wheel and hurling him down a steep rocky inclination, burying him standing up to the elbows and casting stones at him, trampling under horses, stabbing him with countless blows of an iron writing style, is crushing him in a screwaxis olive press, roasting inside the brazen bull, hanging in the smoke of burning animal dung, speaking the truth from within a great fryingpan the «apparator» is cutting out his tongue, submerging headfirst in a cauldron of molten lead, boring into the torso between the rib bones with a manual auger, in addition to ligature crucifixion his skin is dripping with honey coaxingly of beestings and flybites, sewing her body into the carcass of a dead ass for the feasting of scavenging birds, hanging by her hair and youthful onlookers slashing at her with penknives, flaying the skin from his living body, abandoning inside the raw hide of a camel for the devourment of steppenwolves, within a wooden horse with fiddlestring bondage his disarticulation is proceeding with pulleys and dual prong ironhooks, lowering in leg and arm manacles from a noose looping under the armpits into the effluvium of the cloaca flooding into the river—
—transfixion with a spear, bondage to the spokes of a wheel for disorientation and beating with cudgels and rods, tearing him apart with levers, broiling on an iron bed, sending him without solace into exile for the enslavement of cutting marble, ripping him asunder with pulleys while sprinkling redhot sulfur and resin on his nude skin, crushing under a great ashlar stone, cutting the throat, suspension by both feet, with the exposure of his arms and feet and face he is in the concavity of a small boat hull with the convexity of another boat hull pressing down upon him while his tormentors are forcefeeding him honey and milk hoping for his death by bees and flies and worms, Opportuna Optatian Or Orion Orion Otranto in restraints for the amputation of the bosoms, cutting him in half with a saw, hanging by his feet and twisting him in a flaming coil of rope, tearing open the sufferer’s belly and feasting on his liver, casting him in bondage into a running river, driving nails directly into the muscle tissue and bone and skull, exposure to the biting of wild beasts, forcedrinking of copious spirits against ureter tourniquet and slashing of abdomen, the sealing up of hopefulness in flaming fire, beating with a scourge of thongs and tiny lead balls, hoisting his arms and legs behind him from a pulley and releasing him from a height onto an array of pyramidal flint stones, tying him to the tail of a wild horse, the exacerbation of the protraction of death agonies broiling over an ineffective fire by emptying a cask of pitch and tar over his head, hanging in an inescapable basket of rushes for exposure to harsh sunrays, the «apparators» turning him slowly on a wheel over a great fire, scourging with thongs, in the embracing of flaming reeds, roasting on a redhot gridiron, scourging with rods, strangulation of a pregnant woman on the stake who—falling over into the flames—is bursting asunder across her belly spilling forth the premature infant who onlookers rescue from the flames to anoint in the grass and are casting back into the fire with his mother, hanging from a wall by a rope around his waist with the burdenment of stones hanging from both his arms and legs, slaying him with a sword, bondage to a pillar for death by arrows, hanging by both arms with weights gently pendulous from both ankles—
—hanging in the arch of a portico, headdown crucifixion, tying to a stake and tearing mercilessly the flesh with claws of iron and currycombs, Eata Eata Ebba Ebba Ebba Echa hanging with the bondage of opposite hand and foot with an iron weight gently swaying from the free hand—