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We are sucking stones with disorientation in conversation with ADA cinema scholar and director of «The Gastroliths of an Architect», no sacramental sentimentalism has residence in the cultural productions of the ADA, nowhere is this more evident than in the byzantine franchise lineages of ADA movie production, a series of movies is using the narrative framework of the «Divine Comedy» in the mise en scene of contemporary locales and tapping much deeper into the explorations of exilation underlying much of Dante’s cycle of poems and with the strange inheritance of production titles from the author of «Confessions of a Belostok Crocodile Eater» Tomek Piąty’s essay «Sighs From The Depths», the first movie chronologically and the second narratively, «Mother Suspiriorum» is a cinematic recontextualization of «Purgatorio» into a roominghouse for adolescent girls in a giant sculptural whalefish—, «Mother Tenebrarum»—the second film chronologically and the first narratively, a cinematic recontextualization of «Inferno» in a roominghouse where the mystic George Gurdjieff is living and working—much confusion about this movie is stemming from the director’s other movie «Inferno», an excessively violent murdermystery about a writer and an obsessive bookcritic and an athletic canine—, «The Lachrymose Mother»—the third film both chronologically and narratively obsessively interweaving architecture and alchemy in the blissful abandonment of a world falling into ruinous chaos—, the nonsequential production of the movies is allowing for viewing in narrative sequence without noticeably linear improvement in production quality, and additionally, that the poor production capabilities are congruent to the central movie in the trilogy—«Mother Suspiriorum»—a representation of the mute gauziness of purgation, all of these are benchmarks within a moraine of additional movies and series, for instance a tangential series is originating in «Purgatorio 2»—the unofficial ADA sequel to «The Purgatory»—nominally «Purgatorio» in the ADA—a reframing of the myth of purgation with narcotic addiction on the island of Sakhalin, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present», and seven additional installments, «Island Of The Living Dead»—a standard horror movie unfolding on an island—, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 2», «Doctor Butcherly, Medical Deviation»—a horror movie unfolding on an island featuring the abundant usage of experimental flesheating narcotics in the treatment of typhus, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 3», «The Layover»—a gravely serious and verite movie in which overdosing on narcotics is resulting in teleportation to a mountain fortress—, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 4», «Virgil In Dreamland 3»—the unofficial third movie in the parallel «Virgil In Dreamland» series although utilizing tropes from «Purgatorio 2» such as red eyes, opaque clothing on translucent apparitions, and a protoVictorian mise en scene—, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 5», «The City In The Sea»—a tenuous adaptation of the poem hinging entirely on the line «The waves… glowing redder» with fixation on the trope of a sea red with blood being otherwise a standard horror movie in the situation of Piąty’s «Savannah la Mar»—, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 6», «Apparitions Of The Living»—a meditation on repetition, routine, and ritual taking place in a large hotel of concentric terraces—, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 7», «Nostalgia For The Present»—a movie with no relation whatsoever to the content of the «Nostalghia For The Present» series apart from the alternative spelling of its title, canonical ADA alternate title «Nostalghia For The Present 8»—,


an unofficial tangent branching off of the movie «Nostalghia For The Present 5»—or «Virgil In Dreamland 3»—the unofficial or false third movie in the «Virgil In Dreamland» series—with the initial installation «Entrails Of A Virgil» is prompting «Entrails Of A Virgil 2», «Trojan Cecum—Entrails Of A Virgil 3», and «Entrails Of The Afterlife»—an alternate title for «Apparitions Of The Living»—,


an unofficial tangent branching off of the movie «Trojan Cecum—Entrails Of A Virgil 3»—or what in some catalogues is nominally «Virgil In Dreamland 8»—being installment eight and not six because, although «Entrails Of A Virgil» and «Entrails Of A Virgil 2» are seemingly installments four and five in this erroneous categorization, the original legitimate series is continuing with its own «Virgil In Dreamland 3» and a «Virgil In Dreamland 4» interweaving with the production of the false installments, resultingly in the comprehensive catalogue the real three is actually the overall four and continuing thusly—with this codification overall O, real R, false F—O1R1-«Virgil In Dreamland», O2R2-«Virgil In Dreamland 2», O3F1-«Virgil In Dreamland 3», O4R3-«Virgil In Dreamland 3», O5F2-«Entrails Of A Virgil», O6F3-«Entrails Of A Virgil 2», O7R4-«Virgil In Dreamland 4», O8F4-«Trojan Cecum—Entrails Of A Virgil 3», O9F5-«Trojan Cecum 2», O10R5-«Virgil: The Baleful Birds Of Night» a reboot of the original «Virgil In Dreamland» series, O11F6-«Entrails Of A Virgil 4», O12F7-«Trojan Cecum 3—The Vestigials», O13R6-«Virgil: The Killing Birds»—is resulting in two more «Trojan Cecum» movies of diminishing quality beyond their parent’s already abysmal realization, none of this is accounting for the series branching off from «Virgil: The Baleful Birds Of Night»—itself a deadend—an ambitious twelve part masterwork of cutup screenwriting via bibliomancy—whose initial installment, «Virgilian Lots—Book One», is such an abject boxoffice failure that only two more of the twelve installments are in existence and only available for insomnia or informant stakeout in the overnight hours of DAvid broadcasting—,


these movies are uncategorizable although tenuously in connection with various canons and interfranchise and intrafranchise clusterings and shufflings «The Dreadful Infant», «Foundering Ships», «The Archbishop And The Controller Of Fire», «Un Mangeur De Crocodile», «God Is Promising», «Counting the Leaves In Vallombrosa», «Searching For The Unsearchable: The Arab Deserts», «Searching For The Unsearchable: The Sea», «Running Ahead Of Us In Malice», «At The Execution», «Kyrie Eleison», «The Nursery In Arab Deserts», «Demons 6: The Black Cat», «Our Lady Of Darkness», «The Halcyon Calm And The Coffin», «Faces: Angel’s Faces», «Ah That Word», «Oh Apothanate: Hatest Death», «Oh Apothanate: Cleansest From The Pollution Of Sorrow», «Who Is This Woman: Following», «Who Is This Woman: Behind», «Cagot And Cressida», «Lethe And Anapaula», «Les Paradis Artificiels», «Oh Sweep Away Angel: Dogs With Curious Eyes», «Oh Sweep Away Angel: Angelic Scorn»;