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Very little news to add from the studio: the design division, under the auspices of Wrk.grp are awaiting confirmation from the military to continue developing a memorial proposal at the site of a plane crash in Arlington, VA; the text factory, your very own FtG, is currently processing and assimilating texts as follows: The Idea of Decadence in French Literature Carter, Antique Rugs from the Near East Bode, A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art Alexander… these texts align tangetially with certain thematic musings concerning the mercurial assemblage ‘LA’; the fabrication department, currently crunching away in some obscura plastic chamber of the studio is also dedicated to peripheral materials for the aforementioned text, among these being: dust draught charts, field and border patterns, and notebook fodder.

So as there is very little to upload concerning these ventures as yet, please challenge yourself with some texts and viscera recommended by FtG: A Rebours Huysmans, Jalousie Robbe-Grillet, A Void Perec, ‘Last Year at Marienbad’ Resnais, _The Onion_.

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