Two weekend visits to the Getty Center, Los Angeles, separated by two weeks.

Capar David Freidrich_ dark walk solitary figure at a dark megalithic tomb
Hendrick van Steenwijck_ “Crypt of a Church with two Sleeping Men”
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot_ ruins out of place and picnics in the field, cows bathe
Christen Schjellerup Kolbe_ “The Forum at Pompeii” crisp light reconstructed in studio
Jean Joseph Carries_ “Self Portrait as Midas” bronze haggard bust
Ercole de Roberti_ “St. Jerome in the Wilderness” precise proto-impressionist outlines

marquet: inlaid work of ivory or wood
cabriole: curved ornate foot
a la facon de Venise: ‘in the Venetian style’ of glassmaking, dimpled relief surfaces

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