to celebrate the new

to celebrate the new authorcentric format of the ft ground’s webpage i will be serialising the 6 year old tome “a book of days” for those of you that are not me or the 3 people who read the text in print. this was the last major accomplishment this site has had the benefit of being associated with and it is with great pleasure that we ride our own coat tails back into productivity.

of course, plats is still under construction. folks might have been noticing unceremonious deposits of sequential fragments from station 4 (venice/night) over the last couple of months. this has been by far the most liberating to write as the fodder is already latent in the other 3 stations to grow some actual situations and characters (7 years later). stations 5 and 6 (sepulveda day/night) will definitely be interesting to visit as they will have all of the textures, nuances, landscapes, and now emotions, to pile memories upon.

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