The moment

The moment operations began this morning it was apparent, from the color of the sky, the smell of the air, and the shrill calls of the cat, that it was a morning that beckoned all living things out of doors, out of the cities, to breathe deep and coolly and to get perspective on the city from its outskirts. So for 2 hours, in mental preparation and reconnoitering, the wilds were taken to and communion made with the sun. Fruitless? : possibly, but it seems that this day, whichever Gregorian day it may fall on, every year, fills the body with freshness, life and hope.

Plans are announced here for a new FtG publication that will be available towards the end of Autumn ’01. This will not be the novella ‘Lost Again’ slated for FtG8 as its completion date is uncertain. The new work for FtG8 has been given the title ‘A Book of Days’ and contains much of the material found on this website from 01.00 through 01.01, with additional contextual writings, images, and digressions. Please be on the look out for this in late November!

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