Sets of reflective tools

Sets of reflective tools are arranged in rows to the edges of the lit surface. Desks are arranged in three rows with narrow aisles. On the outside of the outer aisles tall painted metal cabinets line the walls. The metal handles glimmer and reflect green glare. Everything is either reflective or green. The desks do not cast shadows but are all in the shade of not being beneath the single lit lamp. You raise your head. You are the only one there. All of the desks are empty. Such meticulous tasks isolate you, machining blocks and tiny enclosures for the blocks from reflective metal. Each shell reflects the green sky at the end of the day as before. You line up each block as it is finished. The most recent always reflects the clearest. The dust of ground metal and dried polishing compound settles thicker on the finished blocks. You are the only one here. You pull your head out from beneath the lamp. It is too large and does not fit in the lit workspace. Your reflection is strange in the glass. You are too large to fit at the desk where the lamp is left lit. You are at one of the darkened desks closer to the window. There are no tools on the surface. The desk is very cold and slick. You have rubbed it with your sleeve until it assumes the satin green of the room. Condensation moistens your palms. You press against the cold surface and leave your arms and hands still. You look down under the desk in front of you. The tile floor is very dark.

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