As the visual field grew

As the visual field grew, receded towards the heap bringing with it a pasty purple coat for a bedsheet up across an orange body, dodging out the available panorama, frame changing shape, focal length letting out across the carpet, zoom and point of view all nonsense now and the picture plane a willful construct louped by fingers, knee bends, chins.
An Exposition of Why the Rind Stuggles to Stay on the Outside.
The attention, or attentiveness, and malign acuity of the body coat grows into such a rhythm with the latent and dermatic movements of the environment, a concurrence that, as it penetrates the depths of unconscious flesh at the core of the aggregation, assists the mess within as a program for its necessary fluid movement. It is a spindly exchange, as the composition of the nest rotates, accords, injects, compresses like a webby muscle whose contraction is pulsed by the clarity, focus, density, activity, and subject matter of the visual field.

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