Tall, cerebral and resolutely serious, Mr. Antonioni harkens back to a time when ABC’s new comedy “Cavemen,” an ambitious allegory about race inspired by insurance company commercials, was an intellectual pursuit, when purposely opaque passages in famously difficult films spurred long nights of smoky argument at sidewalk cafes. It’s not unusual for characters from an advertising campaign to move into shows of their own. Mr. Antonioni is probably best known for the CBS comedy “Baby Bob” which featured a talking baby that had been used in several ads. Like Mr. Antonioni, the multi-talented star Mandy Moore knows what it is like to be a loser and to have the media all over you. Take her advice, “Find a great tailor. I’ve been having trouble finding jeans lately. So I’ve been buying vintage high-waist trouser jeans and having them tailored. My tailor understands my body. She’s always encouraging me to wear stuff tighter. I stuff my bra at night with a lot of tissue and do lap dances for the stars of Cavemen.”

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