The mirror images are clear: Gault, who police said runs his own animal-training business, had been interviewed several times in connection with Piaf and Holiday spending part of their youth in brothels; Later, a woman who appears to be Piaf can be seen putting packages into her car when someone runs toward her and shoves her in the car. The car then pulls away. There was a lot of excessive gaming, socializing and creative play, and an inappropriate relationship that led us to believe there was a video game like Halo that can promote aggressive feelings and actions. to be a great artist you have to be tormented, both were untrained singers with distinctive voices borne of pain and suffering; and both died prematurely, aged beyond their years from drug and alcohol abuse. Gault ended up begging for change on street corners before tragically dying in a plane crash on the way to a new job working as an exotic animal trainer with benefits. Although it isn’t the business I’ve been searching for, something sounds better than nothing.

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