“As a parent, a hand with an eye amid the palm and two thumbs makes me want to cry.” I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I’m not and that’s why I perform soft-core porn dance routines in hopes of becoming rubbed on parts of the body suffering from rheumatism and they would effect a cure. In the celtic tradition a bag made from a crane skin symbolised being “hot,” a deep and ancient talismanic tradition also has made its way into the workplace, where confidence is often conveyed in the way one looks and dresses. They may have to reach out to people they don’t necessarily trust, but they need — for guns, explosives, whatever. “Would you like to die as a martyr, women?” she says, “The four Muslim men might be better off developing other sources of power.” Corals, horseshoes and lucky bamboo also allegedly make good amulets.

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