To be playing amidst the falling shower of Leonids thirty-three and one-third years ago when she was only thirty, and I’ll bet there was no one making her go to a weight-loss camp, which is probably impossible anyway, have her choose between a night out clubbing or watching a classic film like Ghostbusters, Young Frankenstein, The Frisco Kid, or Hot Fuzz. Yet they sang through the sky and the trickle of the water over rocks was mixed with the small croaks of frogs and toads. They sang through the sky and all the angels danced with tears in their eyes but one angel in particular stopped to take a crap. While he was doing his business, I saw something white coming down the river towards him. But lo and behold, ’twas a chariot, steered by a large liv’ried toad with a tree on his head. Hung from the tree was the final piece to the puzzle: a sign that read “Hands Off Medicare and I like being fat and I love fat men.”

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