As David’s soul steps out of his body, it is met with the most breathtaking feeling imaginable. He said he will never go back to her but it echoed in the large modern room. Anna left him after he was jailed for intoxication. She never went back, she never found out what was wrong with herself. She picked up and went on with her life. Exactly one year ago she was taken care of by Edit, and while treating her badly, she saw two faces clearly — one in its early twenties with blue eyes, the other was stitched leather almost the color of sun tanned skin.

Edit persuaded them to go to a Salvation Army meeting. At the meeting, Gustafsson submitted himself to God, but David stayed cynical. One night David became aggressive when Anna tried to protect their children from being infected by David’s tuberculosis. He was locked in the kitchen, but broke through the door with an axe. She said “I’m afraid of falling…” and he whispered “I have wings.”

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