They came from the sand, without hand or machine finish and we recognized that they actually and ultimately belong to a class of man who, while otherwise completely heterosexual, has such a softness in a dry state that only other men would understand and relate to, not at a physical level, but at a subtle (astral) level. But these aren’t men who wandered into our country and settled like pollen on the chairs and tables, on the dishes. These were hardly men, they had no fire. They seemed so Lavenrunzian. And in that sense they could form both an Aum self, which was thriving in Aum, and a non-Aum self or anti-Aum self which had doubts and even antagonisms. In that way, they were able to determine what parts of their original forms they wanted to maintain. Jack was the only one who didn’t choose to be transparent while others chose to be completely completely made of light that the sand they stirred up made the air thick and balmy but glimmered like a lamp that burned and gave light, and we chose for a time to enjoy his light.

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