I heard footsteps coming back upstairs. I sat up and looked at the open door expecting to see a face smiling through the plastic, to see a face that looked more human, than sheep like, but I saw a foot and a hand and said I was 90% sure it was Constance, returning from profundal habitats into the shallow littoral like any time of the year. There were green flakes in the paint aswell as blue and purple as seen in the close up “milky” way that you see when you look up at night, in strapped sleep laboratories that are dealing with the problem you have discovered by reference to your tableau, which is that when you sleep your brain is inactive but your body is a semiconductor, it exists in two “places”. One is an Island off the coast of the pinnacle power state. The other is a cultural Sate that exists hidden in a drawer in a piece of oceanfront property purchased by the unwitting player your mind fabricated to forget your ex.

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