I stopped telling him my latest plans. he says im not going anywhere with my life now and all i do is sit at home and get on his nerves. my dad says things like “get back on the basketball team first” when i ask him to pass the mashed potatoes. I have been applying for employment the last few days, and my brain is mush! I cannot think at all. i didn’t make it through the thing. ugh tristram shandy, but it is still my favorite book (at least that is what I tell him). He and some buddies started an online resource site for people who invest in the Foreign Currency Exchange Market, or something. But we love our little Eli, and don’t know what we ever did for entertainment before he came along (oh, yeah I do: We went to movies, dinner, snuggled, etc.). Now, we see that our lives are meaningless in the face of an indifferent, absolute Truth. I want to be a god for at least a day. Then you can huff freon while i defrost a freezer. If we take the red pill when we die we become dragons.

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