A child killer, who speaks, bizarrely enough, in a Donald Duck-esque voice, is preying on young boys in a small Italian village and it’s up to a reporter and that local girl who vomited sheep entrails during the intestine purging, to have their eyes gouged out on a splintered piece of wood very slowly and painfully. Bob’s skull is violently drilled through using an electric power drill. Some have said that it points out some interesting social commentary — for instance, the transient nature of love in our modern world. Others have taken the notion that the realm is a sort of purgatory for souls, with the presence of the blind girl as evidence of it. In order to throw her off his scent, Dexter plays on Deb’s insecurities and leaves a series of clues utterly useless to look at, like “fan-produced” design blueprints of Star Trek space vehicles, for the detective and his temporary partner, a psychologist enlisted to create a profile of the killer. He is played by Udo Kier, former Warhol pin-up boy.

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