Never one to shy away from death, Fulci begins with a stylish suicide, a woman jumps from the edge, her face pummeled along the rocks. Fulci of course shows it all, so take it in, because you won’t see another like that until the finale. It turns out the deceased woman has a vision. She sees another woman, dead and buried behind a wall. This girl is a club dancer of the new breed… which means it is ALL about the money, no showmanship, no personality, no real skill… A mirror smashed. A cigarette lit. A bag full of enzymes and GFP. An ominous red light. She can’t quite piece it all together, but something is awry. She decides that she wants to be close to her dead boyfriend, so she digs up the skull and plants it in a pot that sits next to her bed. Later a plant grows out from it and the branches move around and snake over her breast. That was when she got involved in the Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen program and fell in love with it. “It was just a really good fit for me,” Amaral said.

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