James Bledsoe lived in the office of the All Star Inn Motel. On Monday, March 17, 1986, around 10:30 pm, Mr. Bledsoe had been walking around the motel when he was seen in the breezeway in front of Room 327 struggling with the suspect. As we read Dick’s mind, we learn that the older man is terrified of room 327. Bobby says, “Whitney had blocked my number when she was staying at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. She told my mother that life was not worth living after thirty. I paid $10,000 for Whitney and Bobby Kris to live in a nice hotel while Whitney was going through rehab. At the same time, I basically lived in my car wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans, and western style boots.” The previous day, Mr. Bledsoe had asked a suspected black male pimp to leave the motel property after some of the motel workers complained about him living in his car like some kind of hobo.

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