With three days left

With three days left in Los Angeles and finding myself with seven spare carless hours in the Fox Hills area, I amused myself with a drift through south Culver City and environs. Is it still a drift if you run errands in turn? Let us call it one. Footsteps were left on and around: Hillside Memorial Park, the grave of Al Jolson, the Bowels of Victor Gruen’s Fox Hills Mall, Happy Express Chinese Takeout, Studio Village Bookstar looking for Huysmans’ La Bas finding Four Novels by Duras and buying nothing, CC Bustop at the north intersection of Jefferson and Sepulveda (where the Studio Village Pavillions discard their day old bagels in a shopping cart), JW Party Photo, innumerable puddles, and a certain unnamed coffee establishment in North Westchester’s Magic Johnson Plaza. All this left me with 21 photographs of marble and menorah clad crypts, 3 pages of notes about stucco, and a soaking wet copy of Simon’s The Invitation. On top of this a renewed (or perhaps rekindled) faith in the benevolent and beneficent effect of inclement weather on the tedium of sprawl.

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