The eve atmosphere rest like a heavy film across skin damp from shimmering pools breaking with green waver light like a halo of the aurora seeping down from the ground and spectring before low deck lights and unshaded floods that blaze when we pass cutting a trail of visible wetness through the air and flashing from the sky to be hung sleepily between billowing bedclothes and the morning.

How canst thou hover amongst
crab grass patches wherein the
greyness and phosphorescence of sand
given rise to thine footfalls
Why doth thy halo surround our
frames and hips with burning
itch and cooling sooth as every green
aloe bleeds across the skin of
sweat greased across the pressed
out water from two hands together

And Thee, slith damp oft
in eye space, seeing
you through menisci
of drawn out tears.

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