Very little

Very little writing has been attempted as of late. Around the studio, the interns have been scurrying to assemble the visual presentation for the ACSA conference by scanning pictures and maps of Venice from library books and the FtG archives.

Thoughts are drifting once again back to the composition of ‘Lost Again’ which was reborn recently while moving the blurred map of Mar Vista from the drafting table. Rest assured that come February 25th, texts for this venture will once again be soaked by the laser-precise ink of ‘old red’ the editing pen.

A single chickenscratch mess of prose was transcribed this week after having the good fortune to attend a lecture by K. Michael Hays and Jim Williamson on the work of John Hejduk, and more specifically, his ‘House of the Suicide’ and ‘House of the Mother of the Suicide’ that were once installed in the Georgia Tech College of Archtitecture. Their presentation brought up some interesting concerns about the relevance of translational reference in form, and the ways in which architecture might ‘speak’ or be ‘mute’. A discussion ensued with fellow MSME employees on whether Jim Williamson, who helped to construct the houses, and is now, after Hejduk’s death, the authority on these objects, is condemned like BTO to forever play ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ in light of whatever new material they might have produced, or whether he is merely an opportunist who will continue to identify himself publicly with Hejduk’s genius.

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