The metal cabinets

The metal cabinets with slender drawers behind the glass are meticulous grey. Each grey follows a slightly bluer grey. The greys are more laden with blue as they grade towards the glass. The glass would be orange if he is stepping away from it. The cabinets are absolutely grey. The cabinets are arrayed in a parallel alley dissolving, converging on an absolute grey. The width of the alley is oscillating, not along its length, but across its gradient. The entire bank of cabinets are pressing into the alley and are abutting those facing them, pressing handled into reflected handle, corresponding comparing greys. This is not a motion. Immediately many cabinets are impeding the perspective. The entire glass rectangle is blue save for a seam of silver glimmers in a single bisection of shadow two/thirds to the left of the light. There are very few cabinets obstructing the perfect convergence. The apparent picture plane, or the perceived midpoint of the alley, based on a count of the vertical joints between cabinets, is laterally divided with a shark in water grey plane below. The upper five/eighths of this picture plane is faded cobalt and exact in the legibility of folded and tacked sheet metal seams.

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