The Bonaventure

Concentric, meetingnever-tiles level, uncommitted revelers circulars, wall flowers looking for walls, plan proposers, groups spinning off-center, strollers and gimp walkers, panoptic show boaters, stuff strutters and lapping seeing the same lappers lapping, whirling, centripressed upstairs. Descenders pull more curious column woven graspers ascend lowly still carpet chained soles and interlacing brass loopers bound by patina’d green links on a dark brown-red scab field. Sitters, mid-level conversationalists not so trite, men with uncle moustaches and wicker dressed dates, purple sheen skinny girls and a lapper in free advertising black satin jacket undone, with drink tossing and turning swirling in his back and forth hand, now lapping on upper concentric tile walk and entering the perfume store, briefly, assisting a young clerk. Stay lurking in broad florescence, an extended bye from his swirling path. Below walks the purple skinny girl and boy knows her belly sticks out from the dress but she had her hair done all afternoon, girl gaggle of some dresses some jeans make hurried elevator jump to defy effects of gravity.
Our little table top of levels only two people in the universe, we are on half-moon backed green vinyl chairs with woven wave patterned gold green and brown across fresh scab field. Men with shiny black shoes, wide tan pant cuffs that hang loosely around dark sock elastic ankles, and women who sit bolt upright. The black jacketed lapper sans drink from California T-shirt and Souvenir now passes behind elevators and continues his hawklike watch of the central platform. The stair tower eddies him in to circulate within the “green square” circular tower. I am beyond towers, but associate myself with the “blue triangle”, the hub of fat pager belted conventioneers and high school dancers, among concrete t-shirted faux casual glory days middle aged chivalrous by side of pink night business skirt and the common slacked and buttoned taking transgressions seriously and counting themselves lucky to have a table on the second level of carpeted platform.

Critical Response:

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