Supreme Black Metal Guitar Tones

The rust, the soul-shredding, the perfection of atmosphere in the dials. Of course the kvlt riffs help too, but in 14 years of listening intently I have cultivated an appreciation for the unsung perfection of the black metal guitar tone. As usual, this is more of a repository item and doesnt purport to be useful outside my own memories.

1. Branikald, “A Crushing Hammer” [listen]
2. Graveland, “White Hand’s Power” [listen]
3. Darkthrone, “Rust” [listen]
4. Paysage D’Hiver, “Ich starre aus dem Schwarz” [listen]
5. Emperor, “I am the Black Wizards (sic)” [listen]
6. Nordlich, “Nebelhall” [listen]
7. Inquisition, “Nocturnal Gatherings and Wicked Rites” [listen]
8. Aakon Keetreh, “Untitled 3” [listen]
9. Burzum, “Jesus Tod” [listen]
10. Bone Awl, “Show Me” [listen]
11. Wigrid, “Treibend Im Menschenstrom” [listen]

Critical Response:

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