This is my second foray into calendar design as part of a big international collaboration that my friend Phyllis has roped me into. The first one was for 2006 and this is a 2008 calendar. I was assigned the first week of the year and the theme “slow is the new fast.” I am not a fan of phrases like “pink is the new black” or “inside out is the new plaid” or “architects are the new couturiers.” They rank just below “its all about… (blank)” on my list of things that immediately make me ignore someone for eternity. They may as well have said “hi-def” or “blue tooth” aloud in earnest. This image is a reimagining of some fodder from the wrk.grp’s birnbeck island proposal supplemented by some bric-a-brac rummaging.


Please watch for information on how to obtain the entire calendar as it becomes available.

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  1. ashley moore:

    i didn’t hear from pwong. thanks for putting my name out there, work.hog!

  2. admin:

    maybe next year you can team up with hisako ichiki.

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