See past
eyes dimmed by warming and spindled saturation
behind lights all gasping wet throated lights all bled through the sheer vapor

setting red to deepest fading antique lampshade swept
dark orange grainy vision extra oxa cloud of dangled gauze
down from nomadic night canopies pressing out the dark made to always dusk

light always wispy yellowed fingerprints
whorls in the powder solution follow us over skins of burgundy velvet breath
senseless air expanding beyond watermarked faded background for comfort.

As for days the same day on end as senses never stopping.

Rushing air shook off false particulate
dusk and turned up our collars to the sidewalk
the dry multitude of night, the all blinking and vibrantly straight

silvered seas of points
come like pools shimmering between brilliant edge round rocks.

Specimen Slide: squared edge ribbed greenness of scientific glass
slid chipped beneath turning metal clips
and held fast rapt at its press’dness
and a fineness of cellophanic thin sheet
blotting fluid and the matter of circuit down
legible and transparent to the base.

Glass on a Desk Blotter: all spread out evenness and display nature
slide press’d enframing a moment of
arrangement, compositional like a penny walk
naked juxtapositions now come together as
singularity evades time and sees through
at one layer, tinted and overlaid and impermanent.

Interrogation: a mirror is only polished glass to see
back what is from us to it, a two way
mirror now replaces it and our conception
of our body and make up and environs
is given the shape of the outside world,
all that we have traveled to get to
ourselves, and we are enrapt and
press’d in love and need to it.

Everything glistens blue from the window,
even the yellow switched lamplight, through ice dimpled paper lamplight,
falling off evenly across
the laminate countertop, injection molded telephone,
stock blucollic by bed to bed by
the struck nylon quilted edge of the long sided bed,
projecting up the oval crown bent across
raised fleur of felt flattern paper
to the receptive glaze of the refrigerant stricken ceiling.

These floating at the sparkling frays
meeting wet feeling dimness
and these shimmering one by one slink away
through shadowed inkrun trickles
passing low bearing fogs of a silver dawn.

Pulling and face first to space first
contract the back end now as many million motel
spartan same room same cold noise lull lull over
all snores
bring beck bounds project all I see lens now eye lens.

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