running list of scenarios

this is a running list of scenarios for a photo project inspired by these photos:




changing a tire on the highway
having tea at a kitchen table with their mother
waiting for a bus
getting mugged by some thugs
asking out a girl
getting a physical
at a laundromat
getting the newspaper in front of a house wearing a bathrobe
watering the lawn
wedding reception
awkward first date
eating an ice cream cone
in line at the DMV
at a sports bar with coworkers
writing on a dry erase board in a meeting

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  1. Matt:

    farting in a elevator
    riding in a crowded elevator

  2. billy cole:

    playing tennis
    riding a bike
    farmers market
    making pancakes
    gardening (maybe a little too much like mowing the lawn)
    eating at nice restaurant in a suit(please come to my new steakhouse in kennesaw)

  3. billy cole:

    having sex with prosty
    in line at post office
    getting a physical (corpsepaint stops at neckline)
    haircut or shave
    door to door salesman
    scooping up dogshit
    dogpark interacting with other pet owners
    sporting event spectator
    interacting with real blackmetalers outside show

  4. billy cole:

    smoking weed out of bong or coke can/ apple homemade pipe
    doing blowcaine

  5. sean:

    waiting in line at six flags/white water

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