Please add the following to the below list, purchased in Italia: The Castle Kafka, Traumnovelle Schnitzler, La Symphonie Pastoral / Isabelle Gide, The Cambridge Quintet Casti, The Mezzanine Baker, Tropic of Capricorn Miller, and about 5 packs of 4 AA batteries that were sucked each within an hour by my Nomad (vampire).

Brief list of formative experiences: basement of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Bernini’s baldichino in San Pietro, cats at the coliseum, Piazza and church of Santa Croce, lantern climb at the Duomo in Florence, sitting on the triangles of Ponte S. Trinita over the Arno, meal at Pizzeria belle Artes, Jeff Koons teacups, getting shat on at San Marco in Venezia, the Castelvecchio in Verona, Passwords Libreria, Casa del Fascio, Como central cemetery…

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