My body

My body is positioned with a concern for defensive concealment. In a vista incorporating the mottled cardboard undersides of the two (2) lowest stacking chairs as the sky, or the ceiling from from the louring dew, my body appears to shiver. Each petite sweep of my limbs traces deceptively great trajectories through the furnished cavern. The swooping movement of my elbow towards my thigh draws from out of the view a trail of clear air that parts the pleated mist and spirals into the meeting of these limbs. The aperture pulled through the dew allows me to see the contact of the square knob of my elbow pressing against my knee very clearly. The machinations shown are grandiose enough to disturb the cape of damp that is folded within the room yet my body is at rest. In this legg’d pen there is little room to adjust position. The eight legs pin my limbs back from one another and the broad surfaces of the leaning circular tables define my tangential boundaries.

The scene, Lax, is laid out in an extent bounded in a square by hard formations. As light packets, diffusing in the moisture bearing low across the hall, aggregate and coalesce into illuminated zones that fall on these formations, this square beneath the two (2) columns of stacked chairs is briefly described by a wan beige pallour. Three of the four corners of the frame have a slight radius; the forth corner is square.

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