Isolated, any assemblage of limbs may be traced. Each status of each limb to each fiddlehead of the textile pattern is as accountable as the pulse to their contract with external appearances. The entree to the perpetually changing relationship is sorted and registered with the machine such as the selfdocumenting body. Only haze beyond the terminal joints, the thigh normal to the floor on which the knee, bearing, draws it to the calf, which extends 20ยบ above level touching at its tapered tip, the cleavage of two thighs drawn tight by the groin at floor level. Involuntary movement does not begin, it is borne. The knee rasps across the rug. The eddy, registering in the fogbank, is borne by the moments that precede it and the space in which it occurs. In the machine, although repeating, the harbingers differ.

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