I see chairs

I see chairs with slipcovers, stacks of misaddressed mail and circulars, framed poster prints, expectant dishes, newsprint books of puzzles, a dry sink, tidy but dusty, whole rooms almost empty, or too full, displayed cosmetics, a house plant, a low glass coffee table, dessicated silk flowers fraying into mauve threads swaying under the weight of feathery dust, amnesiac furniture, flawed walls, yellowed linoleum worn by sweeping, figurines, blank postcards held with magnets to the refrigerator door, things that were sentimental to others, bits of the neighbours trash, notes written on mismatched scraps of paper listing days of the week and placenames, inert with stale abandonment.

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    a few of the last entries have been out of order. leave a comment if you need to know their sequence.

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