Hider-in-the-House House


Missive from the work.group:

Many years ago, the work.group was compelled to create 31 houses in 31 frenzied days. The houses were sent to exhibitions across the United States; when the tour reached Philadelphia a young woman in the crowd came forward. She had grown up in one of these houses. Her family still owned the house in Downey, CA, and resided …there with one small modification: there was no longer a strange man living in the walls.

This Friday evening, August 27, 2010 at Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta, GA the work.group will present their body of research on the serendipitous overlap of design’s impossibilities with the implausibilities of human depravity. The Atlanta Young Architects Forum’s Summer Salon hosts the REAL Hider-in-the-House House from 7PM-9PM.

Come on out!

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Critical Response:

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