The novel Plats is now available for hard copy distribution through this site.
7 years of writing distilled to 156 pages, 468 paragraphs, 5148 lines.

back cover text:

A woman, a day.

The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being absent from one’s body, is the condition of the normal person.

Words may come together in sentences because they have similar sounds, rather than appropriately related meaning. Fragments of thoughts may lead to other fragments of thoughts so that, before long the original intent of the communication is lost.

Because a durable feeling of belonging is practically impossible, because this city has not been organized to provide it, because cities far evolved are irrational and include impossible contradictions, because the silent voice is the most subtle and powerful lever that any city provides, because all words, silent or breathed, have to be oriented toward the pursuit of something quite impossible to attain: a feeling of security in the presence of strangers, she, because of the very insecurity which has always characterized her, has tended to divorcement from those things with whom she has never felt secure, so that her day is only the emptily magical pronunciation of making a skin for her body which she effects only with the words that she speaks only to herself.

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  1. Kramer Brixt:

    Congratulations sir!
    I have followed your writing for years as it has appeared on your website in fragments; it is exciting to have the opportunity to examine a body of your work from a more holistic perspective. I shall be putting in my formal request for a copy via email.
    Again, kudos to you!

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