from AIM after playing too much chess…:..

Neil Denari (12:13:37 AM): your king is dead!!!
Neil Denari (12:13:55 AM): long live the mighty bishops of kron and his holy brigade
Neil Denari (12:14:32 AM): the mightiest steeds of the bravest knights, whose squires doth carry such fierce armour that the sun quakes of the glare
Neil Denari (12:15:39 AM): trample across the squares in the land of no man, and strike with such vengeance that the foul satellites of phobos cry before the merciless pikes of the horde of pawns
Neil Denari (12:15:51 AM): die on your knees!!! wretched black army
Neil Denari (12:16:11 AM): for the rams cliff shall forever be dominated by the hordes of kron!!!

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