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For those of you who have been concerned about the pained progress of Lost Again, I have few bones to toss. However, I have imposed a schema under which I am deploying the 65 pages of text for the second station. This thickened outline is the first to be sketched for a single station in the text. The other sweeping categorizations have merely been designed to guide the segmented writing process into a directed result. The initial compositional approach of this station was very distracted. Segments of the narrative were drawn next to one another even if the parallelisms were irrelevant. This was mostly due to my writing schedule, which is weak at best. After transcribing all the longhand writings and regrouping them into 3 bodies of text it was clear that the linearity of the movement I desired for the text was still not present. There were germs of a narrative movement embedded in idiosyncratic phrasal repetition and environmental adjective sequences. These germs were hastily cultivated one evening into a narrative outline that the text is now being reregrouped and even recomposed under! Anywho, here’s the outline:

The machine
The rug and the legs
The cloud and projection
The astragal

I float through the curtain-lined corridor

I part the ice orifice
I settle across the landscape,
I am a pall of dew
I slake the dried body

Within the pale blue

The rug and the legs are damp

The astragal and the refracted dawn.

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