Excerpt from the Transcribed Appearance of the Second Station: Minnetonka Cavern, Idaho


The group was all sweat and steam as the vistae between larger fragments opened on an orange night before riding the machinations back through the body and into shadowy deliberate crotches, crooks, groins, pits, arches, cages, smalls, napes. A shoulder towards the core dislocates from its station, in motion, and the vista again resurfaces from the knot and is caught there in new stages above a landscape of diaphanous drapery and atmospheric pleats that stretches not far. It was back to senses spread into palms, blades, webs, calves, and hollows.

Attention, or attentiveness, and malign acuity of the body coat grows into such a rhythm with the movements of the environment, a concurrence that, as it penetrates the flat depths of limbo leavened flesh at the core of the family, assists the mess within in its fluid movements. It is this spindly exchange, as the physiognomy of the nest rotates, accords, injects, compresses like a webbed muscle whose contraction is activated by increased levels of damp and by the subject matter of the visual field out from the heap.

They are laying there, convulsing with sleep in chain reactions that seem to move from one side to the complete outside opposite end as if carried on currents that writhe through the tissue of the mass like a pulse, invisible on the skin until its energy rattles forth as a quick gape; a crevasse with formations of feet, wrists, and webs of hair, and stretched viscous fluid. The movements at the surface of the heap are no more finales of an internal convulsion than currents initiated by atmospheric conditions, working in turn down through the thronging catalogue. Due to the general renitence and tesselated aggregation of the rest of the surface, the brief movements of individual parts bring slitlike openings, quick and absent. This gasp, jostled perhaps by calculated inner movements, is then sealed by the movement of an adjacent floe of the surface, a heel, palm, elbow, fist, knee. The shadowy ripple again, a secondary movement that fills the puckers and crevasses with a regenerative spray of mess that coats briefly before seeping and leeching. After absorption, a resultant concurrent pulse of slak’d fidgeting manifests the desirous slight puckers and crevasses that pool with a regenerative spray of mess.

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