Dissociative fugue

Dissociative fugue;
Ship the following to Paris, c/o FtG Publications:
Bag one: toiletries, one brown german ww1 sweater, Within a Budding Grove Proust, “To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding” Judas Iscariot, “TransEuropeExpress” Kraftwerk, “Nocturnal Poisoning” Xasthur, “Nord” Imminent Starvation, 2 luna bars, 2 tropical source bars, sony walkman, passport.
Bag two: 14 4×6 strathmore watercolor boards, every conceivable greyscale media fron charcoal to black artist’s tape, scotch tape, 1/8″ white artist’s tape, canon digital elph, 4×6 black cover blank book.

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