Although one, I for instance, do not see how that could be possible. The way of living in this world has been beaten out of me by myself. The way of seeing the things in this world without wondering how, why, and what, has been sapped. How why what not for everything, but for my own edification, for what I can selfishly take from it. But now that the tables have turned and now that the things I see cannot be just for myself, the reconstitution begins, and the things that i have absorbed in the last 6 and one half years can start to come back out so that other people may see them as I have. I am no longer interested in being selfish. Education is at its heart a selfish endeavour. But the truly actualized, the truly educated, learn that 1.) education does not stop at the bounds of the institution, and b.) the true test of education is how you educate others.

One year ago I started these unedited entries after sitting in my car under the glow of fog street lamp after seeing ‘Manhattan’ at the New Beverly Cinema. I thought at that point that one year from then I would be moving to Manhattan. I still may be eventually. But for now my interest lies in sitting in as many streetlight falloffs with as much warmth as I can muster, and radiating every packet of light that my weary eyes can comprehend, reconstitute and share.

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