Deep toward the dawn

Deep toward the dawn, I would witness the spongy cell of my visualized territory contract to the shape of the body fragment that had trailed away pulling me like foam sprays. I see the sequence of stations rewriting the sleep program as the body rolls through the possibilities of incompletion. Trickling through the apertures and ajar portals profiled by wrists, elbows, buttocks, and heels, the soupy, tangible dark disappears amidst my refractive erasure as I settle across the sere fabrics of clothing.

Contours of shade and depth lace about the body. Linear, sinewy crevasses whose edges curving inward are the limbs of the body, create a contrasting network of lines and strokes with the stems and vinework of the floral pattern draped and tucked between the limbs. The surface of the fabric is pulled tight and captured between the limbs such that it appears to be to distinct pieces of cloth. The repeat patterns meeting in the shade of the crevasse do not align. I see ribbons of pulmonary sleep in the disorder of these gatherings. Sleep wraps and isolates each limb in a mat of grey void. The grouping of limbs about the trunk provides a more vigilant sleep program in which the arms may lay shifting and quivering as the chest is lost beneath the cloud. Long, languid, limp, Lax breaking apart, I apprehend the body as a series of self same pieces. Still lying there, stationary, increments disappear in billows of moist breath only to reappear as a reflection upon a passing cloud. The disintegrated form observes itself from a distance. Still, the distant facets of the body sought the compacted greyness of sedimentary sleep. Still lying there stationary, it continues to quiver softly.

I draw close. I ride the pleats of a dreamt of dawn in waves, each spilling over the body with its dew. A pale blue fold ever expanding wraps across the hall drawing with it a new horizon that revolves about me at its center. It is with refrigerated velocity that my paste of night and sleep permeated the limbs and trunks of knotted flesh. I am within the pale blue gasp.

I stretch a thin segmented sheet or wavering surface of my matter per crevasse by pressing each limb against a pressing limb and rolling this gauzy mist into sheaves of parted moisture. In this vantage, back out through the tangle of limbs in slitscape stretches, the outflowing breath, exsufflating from the breaches I crept in through, is laden with my own pearlescent azure vapor. I am cycled through the body in a rhythm coincident with the tensile and becalmed stations of the system. There are streaks of space between outstretched fingers, armpits, and pressed ankles, that undulate with the apprehension of a lubricated labor.

Although barely construing the continuity of my gaze back across my own extents, I identify the skin, the envelope, and the clothing draped from the torso, as a finite and integral composition. The cornflower and beige pallour, the similar clothing on each limb with corresponding colours and level of wear indicated a unity. Under my coat, they shiver without communicating. The extremities and the palliations of the cloth, though they pursued my shadowy gestures as I in turn trailed them, in the dusk and the setting wakedness, were foreign and pointless to me. We came to rest here.

Scalloped fogs of uniformity beat in rolling cerulean heads between skin, clothing, hair, and carpet. Small fissures in the atmosphere branch in venous trajectories baring the pureness taupe void in the blinks of my vista beyond these folds. The attitude of the night drawn on the interior of this body was tangibly pale. The definition of the night light was sharp. All beads of dew flow around my surrounding my gaze as I fold into the midst of my own vapors. Each bead captures a refraction of pale blue and passes it inward to me. Some fragments of cloud show a floral pattern coalescing out of the pure colour. Small stems, stamens, petals, and buds are cast in the unifying cyanosis.

A linear region of pale light captured between a pressed together palm and calf is drawn into the depths of the nest. Somber floral profiles that flow before the stria of light, when passing into its periphery, being already of a blue pallour, abruptly lose their figurality and meld with the pure tone. The top surface of an arm, projected across the screen of dew, covered with damp beaded hairs themselves slaked of blue, rises gently into the frame. Each new character, though seen to emanate from beneath my cape, did not register in the cruciform catalogue of my territories, and although I draped the body, its processes and properties were encased beneath the flesh. In the dusk interior to the folds of the body, I gaze upon fingers slipping between a calf and hamstring. The digits, back to the wrist, to the arm, to the trunk, all encased in my sheen, were not in my possession and did not reciprocate my insistent contact. The body whose skin I had become, was mute.

I coat the skin with a sponged consistency. Regathering the luminance by which I apprehend my relationships to bodies in space, I assist the maintenance of a recognizable tone within the country of the lit interior. I reflect pale blue from the fabric I slink beneath. I refract pale blue through each dewy bead of me. Pale striated reflections on the joints of the fingers encircled an ankle and were pressed beneath a calf. The drops of moisture that cling fast to the hispid skin refract again the characteristic grey void, beyond which are blue flowers; the drops do not emanate light.

In the illuminated territories of my being faint floral crowns contrast timidly with the field colour, hair slaked by translucent dim, and rotates in a variety of diminishing sizes and repeats. Fair and pale fingers, tinged livid nail moons, hook through the dew, press out against the fabric, and dissolve the continuity of the pattern. Among these arrangements runs a brocade of fray edged pale blue fingers tying each group of bronzed textillery stems in a bare shadowy force to the scape of the fractured body. In this abridged vista, across which I can see my own character, oblique, centerless, a single repeat pattern of the cluster of stylized flowers spirals and diminishes. The risings and fallings of the flowery cloak, through shadow and perspective, relate to my own extents by spreading me, all at once, over the curves and folds of this body.

By folding sheet upon sheet of dew, my gaze folding back upon my self, I can see pale cloth with a hinted floral pattern hung loosely about a hip. The surface above the hip and beside the navel sags perceptibly beneath the worn blue fabric.

I continue to be pressed more finely in subsequent turns and configurations between limbs. As a vaporous oedema settling lower through the body, I, the oxbow cloudlet, am gathered by the grasping surfaces of skinlike sheets of azure parchment. The sheets of lubricious sweat I become from continuous leeching flow slowly across all skins of the body. Always I am pressed beneath or against the fabric with the flowers and stems. The entire catalogue of this scape blooms all at once across the firmament. The sky has settled and conformed across my gaze and I am within it. It is impossible to perceive where the pattern cedes to the colours. Each character here is draped over me and I over it having become the opacity of the objects and situations I refract and reflected all this evening. I am opaque with very short and fine hairs. The dawn, a dream, wakes with waves of dew soon to catch the pale sun. Skin, almost sloughed away yet taut and blue is beneath me. An incompatible billow of loose patterning, the hortulan clouds pull away as I breathe through. I am a fleshless dewpoint and I raise the fabric away from the skin.

Hard shadows are cast from the enormous blurred stems of the billowing floral cape. I am entangled with the body. The dampness laces throughout me and is clammy as I kiss the collar of my shirt. Sleep, or at least a condition counter to endless tramping, comes fragmentary, sparse, vaporish. The stars, foliate blue and pale pores in my flesh gather in a show of corporeality. I am alight in the ever inward sky of myself.

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