La vida es una hezida absurda

Alive, like a pale red aperture, turbulent
Our passion, love, emotion, not illusory, remembrance with religious devotion
to red openings and familiar songs
A brilliantly open night, we meet under a blue and black hood
dance the blue tonics of the sea
Drawn out by the liquid voice of my heart
It reaches for a pale and deep meaning
we indulge the sun and dwell on the earth of love
Where massive discontent lies at the meeting of the highway
where the road has set a chasm between us
But meetings, storms like chasms, are forded in groups
small clingings where color and sound build my heart
Away from the sadness of those who are always children
whose clownlike emotions are gracious only in crowds
so you and I meet far from the circus
In the dark regions, the city of sleep, where we thought of the scents of jasmine
drifting from one another’s teeth like the rearing of a tired horse
My heart sings to you of thoughts, our destinies
the roads of painted ends we will rejoice along
The frames of hands in hands and shirtsleeves in bed

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