A stucco over concrete planter

A stucco over concrete planter: The pink paint applied in one coat is dirt mottled, mold on doll skin, stretched and taut, skin flaking, some spots all the way to concrete, others reveal a teal that may be primer, an old coat, or a blemish, a stain. The planter is filled possibly to the lip with dirt, mulch, miniature weed formations blossom, cigarette ends, stones, cracks. A baroque of stains assorted repaints, mottled death patches, drainage ditch mortalities, dark stained broken black blood vessels in pink flesh, cracking flushed flesh, taut plastic over rubber, over a solid, movable because it has cracked, dark seeps where the cracks have healed, a scar tissue of black bile, contaminated innocence of a baby doll, eyes missing or forever open, and hairs unplugged, in the gutter, drifted by water from a yard, saved from sea death by overly high curbs, the brilliant sun dries the taut flesh and the dirt blooms, the mold continents, the maps of decay are burned into the dermis, the plastic layer that suffers, the skin, the one coat, that resembles a flaking cracked planter, filled with flotsam and dry dirt, unsittable, unclean and safe, slow death, death by water, death by neglect, surrendered, immobile, immortal, forgotten, dry decaying.

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