A chaotically coiled mound of chain

A chaotically coiled mound of chain (glacial deposit), links reflect all but a uniform colorless rust. The trail of the coil is lost in the arrangement, perhaps the links are heaped separately, but the shadows indicate interlocking. The chain is stretched upward toward a wideflange section of steel bollard where it is looped about a small padlock which is bound almost as haphazardly as the end on the ground. The bollard is nestled in a thicket of dead grass that has snared a ‘cake donut’ cellophane wrapper, a hair elastic (soiled like underpants), a thumbsized tray of McDonalds hotcake syrup (empty), a tissue, coiled as if about three fingers and set as sheets on a fresh bed, a dissipating collar of broken black glass, the shards diminishing in size as they are further from the thicket, several small pieces of foil (possibly from gum wrappers), the corpse and wing structure of a plain white moth, who had possibly drifted from the sodium arc orange nightsun of the street.

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