The following events took place in an alternate timeline in which the USS Voyager did not enter the Borg transwarp conduits and return to Earth in 2378. 2405: Morn takes over Quark’s bar from Quark. 2408: Sen. Larry Craig peered through a crack in a restroom stall door for two minutes and made gestures suggesting he wanted to engage in “lewd conduct,” according to the police officer who arrested him. 2422: Police were called to Owen Wilson’s home because of an attempted suicide report. Jake Sisko asks Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir to help Jake free his father from his displaced time. Nog gets the USS Defiant out of mothballs and Worf gets them permission to enter Bajoran space. 2450: Jake Sisko dies, crashed his bicycle in Canton Township, Washington County landed on his handlebars, and a brake handle was driven a few inches into his body, according to his 12-year-old sister, thus releasing his father from the subspace tie that links them.

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