i can sing and rap really good but i cant sing in front of any one but my brother and bestfrined an my mom doesnt like the rap music i listen to or like to rap like lil boosie so what could i do? Originally you thought that I would do an album of standards and I wanted to include a Tom Waits song. And I don’t know, I kind of suck at this right now. I suddenly have all this shit that I’m trying to plan and get done and take care of and I’m all “DAMN! I just need a pedicure REALLY badly but unless I find someone who can do one while I’m running my ass all over town I am S.O.L.”, and so, I see Tom Waits as being kind of cruel and reprehensible, hmm…so…i dont think i have any talent. i want to be a photographer or a poet or a singer. but i cant sing, obviously, it’s not an album where I’m trying to sound like him. It would be impossible. He came across an “amazing, huge, empty historically landmarked Mediterranean haunted mansion a stone’s throw from where we all lived.” For the next approximate month, Frusciante, Kiedis and Flea remained in seclusion, never once leaving the house during the entire recording process. They write such cinematic and kind of open-ended songs. “They was interested in walking through the house and stopped to ask questions along the way,” Willie Stegall said. “He was especially interested in his father’s room. Before he left he took a pod of okra and a brick from the back yard. He said he planned to plant the okra in his garden.”

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