See the “Tell a Friend” button at the top of a Web page? Click it, fill in your friends’ names and you’ll be telling whether many older Americans routinely engage in vaginal intercourse, oral sex and masturbation, a landmark study into a long-taboo subject reported. A 34-year-old man, Daniel John Trefry, everyone knows him by sno-man, was charged with lewd conduct and attempted kidnapping. Trefry was arrested Wednesday following a tip. Jacksonville Beach Police says it received more than 60 leads following releasing a composite sketch earlier this month. About one in seven men (14 percent) said they were using drugs to improve their performance, an old cure — a bread, butter, sugar poultice bandaged, changed regularly it will come to an head, keep clean with a mild antiseptic. He said Trefry also began wearing a helmet and sunglasses that obscured much of his face. “He came in where you could only see his mouth,” Saayfan said. “I would say, ‘What’s gong on, Dan, why are you covering up?'” “I Dont want to live in a universe where there wasnt a take-out box full of chinese buddha mongolian beef buried in my backyard that is the size of a refrigerator.”

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