In Courtney Thorne-Smith’s debut novel, “Outside In,” the characters include a vulnerable TV star, a philandering husband and Cho who demonstrates repetitive behaviors, such as listening repeatedly to “Shine by the alternative rock band Collective Soul,” a 1994 singles chart hit from their album Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid. Cho told Koch and Eide that he had an imaginary girlfriend by the name of “Jelly,” a supermodel who lived in outer space and who called Cho by the name “Spanky” and traveled by spaceship. Cho told Koch and Eide that he “had problems over there before a couple of houses down with the dogs. It’s one of those things. I just hope Jelly is OK,” Koch also described a telephone call that he received from Cho during the Thanksgiving holiday break from school. During that call, Koch said that Cho claimed to be “vacationing with Vladimir Putin,” with Cho adding “Yeah, we’re in North Carolina. Putin would crawl over hot coals to have lunch with me.” In response to Cho’s claim, Koch told him “I’m pretty sure that’s not possible Seung.” The dogs may have gone into the house to attack another dog, according to Putin They attacked the woman in her bed as she tried to fight off the dogs.

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