It is this rather uninteresting premise that is the jumping off point for Franks’s dark fairy tale. I call it a fairy tale because it takes someplace in Europe where there are mountains. The unsanitary conditions created by piles of human faeces on Mount McKinley can cause diarrhea among climbers, which can lead to widespread problems when combined with the physical stress of a mountain expedition. I know that if my old lady was terminally ill she’d want me to go on with my hobbies and keep my stamp collection of stage and screen stars current. Her brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain. Frank is a rich boy (that explains the feathered hair and way too tight dress slacks) whose parents bought the farm so that he could live with his crazy housekeeper Iris and pine away for his dead mother. The cowboy boot-wearing Pombo remains active in his family farm, located in California’s Central Valley, producing dairy and beef cattle. The Republican, now in his seventh term, valued ranch partnerships at $100,000-$250,000 and ranch estates at $250,000-$500,000. Iris is one of those housekeepers that keeps her hair in a bun and is very stern looking. If the broad looks familiar to you, do not admit it to anyone because her other big roles usually involved playing mother superiors in nunsploitation epics or head guards in women in prison flicks. “If someone calls me in another 10 years and someone tells me they’re going to raid whatever house he lives in then,” she said, “I am there.”

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