Mike suffers from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. Since the age of 17, the Frick area native has been repeatedly arrested during psychosis for nuisance crimes like disturbing the peace, only to serve his time, fall off his medication and get arrested again. “The problem of course is that 8 million mentally ill suspects are being discarded,” Nachminovitch said. “If it were as easy as simply stopping the peaceful herbivore — measuring up to 10 meters from head to tail — then that would have been done a long time ago.” On three separate occasions, his dinosaur hallucinations were so severe he tried to commit suicide by provoking the police to shoot him when most of Switzerland was covered with desert and its landscape may have looked much like the estuary of the Nile now. The Frick area contained the bones of one animal per 100 square meters, Sander said, so the entire area might contain bones of 100 more Plateosaurus.

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